Reading Group: Wedgie & Gizmo

Gizmo, a guinea pig who considers himself to be an evil genius, and Wedgie, a cape wearing dog who also enjoys being referred to as Super Wedgie, will have you laughing aloud! The first book in a series, this story follows the animals as they adjust to moving and becoming a new, blended family. 


Bookworm sessions will focus on retelling, text-to-self connections, and making predictions.


A physical or digital copy of the selected book is required to complete the reading group session. For your convenience, click here to purchase on Amazon.

Reading Group: Wedgie & Gizmo

  • Reading groups sessions include:

    -Plan for your child to read the book “together” with me, so no need to read ahead of time!

    -10 prerecorded video lessons with reading assignments and activities to track progress (through the Seesaw Class App)

    -Timely feedback on reading responses (also through Seesaw)

    -Follow up report regarding your child’s progress